Kids with  Masks

Helping your journey back to School and safety in the classroom

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Back to School Pack £4.99

Ensuring your child's safe journey to and from school

5 x 3ply disposable face masks


5 x Disposable pairs of gloves


1 x Hand sanitiser 50ml


1 x Antibacterial surface wipes

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Branded Reusable School Masks


The discretionary new Government directive, is for pupils  to wear face masks where social distancing is not possible


Branded School masks look smart, and can become an integral part of the school uniform


They ensure that both pupils and teachers have the proper protection


They are reusable, washable, practical  and inexpensive


The V-19 Face Shield

Manufactured in the UK from recycled plastic materials. The V19 shield is reusable and has a ergonomic & simple design. It is a one piece face shield, no parts to assemble and wraps around for full face protection.


•Full face and eye protection offers 25% more protection than normal 3ply masks

•One piece design, comfortable, adjustable

•Avoids face touching

•Reusable, easy to sanitise and recyclable

•Sociable, more interaction whilst maintaining enhanced protection

•Fully Certified