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Ultraviolet Sterilization 
The perfect and safe deep clean for classrooms, staff rooms and offices

The GERMILED Lamp uses UVC light to assist in cleaning and will become part of your cleaning and sterilisation process.



It is impossible and time consuming to clean all surfaces with disinfectant, but with the GERMILED lamp the ultraviolet light technology is able to kill bacteria, viruses and fungal spores in the air and on surfaces to further strengthen your cleaning process.



The lamp is powerful and deep cleansing and due to the design can omit the UVC light and disinfect a room at 360 degrees, eliminating 99.9%* of molds, pathogens, spores and micro-organisms.



Harness the power of the germ-killing sun in our most powerful UVC generating unit. UV sanitizing light has been scientifically proven to effectively kill even the most resistant Viruses, Bacteria, Germs, Molds, Salmonella, E. coli, etc. It can even remove bad odors and sanitize germs that hide in crevices where even cleaning wipes cannot reach.  UVC light is widely used in sterilisation technology.


The germicidal bulb used in our product emits radiation at 253.7nm


The warning door hangers are then placed on the door to warn other that the room is being sterilized, if someone was to enter the room the motion sensor located on the lamp would automatically turn the lamp off and would only re start once no motion was detected.


Finally, once the disinfection work is completed, the germicidal lamp will turn off by itself and we will be able to enter the room out of danger, being 99.9% sterilized.


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•Take precautionary measures against the COVID -19 Virus to ensure your office, retail outlet or practice is ready to open after the lockdown and safe to welcome back customers, students, clients and colleagues  

•Choose from 3 levels of cleaning to deep clean sanitise and disinfect all areas especially high frequency touch points and busy areas

•These measures are taken to assist with preventing illness and killing germs and give everyone reassurance the premises is safe and clean

•In addition carry out ‘legionella’ testing for all water outlets which need to be regularly flushed to comply with H&S Legislation

Cost £90.00 each : Please contact us for and delivery details and costs


Vending Machines

These high quality vending machines dispense hand-prepared hot meals, soups, breakfast products, snacks, chilled food and healthy drinks directly to the consumer.


Our menu has been carefully selected for its quality and flavour and is changed every two weeks in order to ensure menu variety. All of the products in our food vending machines are dispensed in special Feast Point branded packaging, allowing the food to be hand-held even when hot.


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Are you struggling with phone cover due to furloughed staff ?

Many companies are still receiving calls that cant all be answered with the normal level of efficiency.


The inevitable distractions of the home environment can make even the most straightforward of business tasks like answering the phone or replying to emails extremely stressful. Bounce Back Solutions have the answer for just the price of your takeaway lunch. We can be your Virtual Receptionist with seamless phone diverts. Our professional operators can take orders, make appointments and screen calls. Set up can be done in 2 hrs !


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